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  • Hardinge HC-AT Threading

    Is anyone here familiar with the Hardinge HC-AT thread chasing setups? I see the thread masters and followers in a good variety of pitches available for sale often, and it's got me wondering if I might be able to build a thread chasing setup for my Ames that would use them. However, actual information about the masters and followers themselves is hard to come by.

    I'm just looking for the dimensions of the master, so that I can see if there is space for it. And what sort of thread form does it have? Buttress or v-form?

    Cayuga, Ontario, Canada

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    13 TPI master: ID=47.621mm, OD=2.373", L=2.442"
    20 TPI master: ID=47.632mm, OD=2.336", L=2.454"

    I have about 10 different, they're all v-form. I'm not saying they don't make a buttress form, just that I haven't seen it.

    The notches are 0.201" wide x 0.315" deep

    The ID's were measured in mm with a 3 point micrometer.


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      Thanks gena. Much appreciated. I think it they're all V-form it's most likely not going to work for what I intend, so that closes that question right there.
      Cayuga, Ontario, Canada