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    While a chain fall could be used that's the last thing I'd want out in the mud when trying to pull out a Jeep.
    Central Ohio, USA


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      Originally posted by Ohio Mike View Post
      While a chain fall could be used that's the last thing I'd want out in the mud when trying to pull out a Jeep.
      Yeah, but it beats hell out of a winch with a burned-up electric motor. I've seen it happen. FWIW, I don't do mud at all, Allergic to it. I prefer snow, and we get enough of it around here.

      You should see some of the trucks and machines where I work. Hydraulic winches pretty expensive tho. 100,000 lbs cap.


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        A buddy in AZ got sick of burning up electric winches. He installed one of these hydraulic units and hasn't looked back.


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          Shortly after I bought my '74 Land Cruiser, I bought a winch. It was a 1500 lb single line, or 3000 lb with snatch block. Portable, would mount on the tow ball. I installed a tow ball on the front of the truck, and I also fabricated a box to store it all in which fit between the front bumper and the bodywork. There was enough room in there for the winch, the snatch block, some chain and some rope. For the number of times I got myself stuck, the portable winch was a life-saver. I used it at the front several times, but also at the back a few times. I also had it stressed to the limit a time or two- but I never tried to lift the Cruiser straight up or try to pull it against an immovable object like I've seen some people do. One guy with a jeep got into a jam and pulled his winch right off the vehicle- complete with the front bumper and the trailing bits. I only mention that 'cause his was a 12000 lb winch.

          Mine cost me $160 at the time. One day I yanked myself out of a mud hole with it, and proceeded to run over the winch and smash the housing. Made a new case from galvanized sheet steel. The winch never failed me.

          One thing I don't like about some winches is when the motor is a wound field like a starter motor. They draw so much juice that you severely stress the battery and alternator with anything more than very intermittent use. Such a winch would have left me stuck on the mountain one day- I spent 3 hours pulling my vehicle downhill to the point where I could drive again.

          One day I watched somebody get knocked out by a winch. Six of us had our vehicles stuck in snow and mud at an impassible point in the road. The guy in front managed to get turned around, but couldn't go. He's now in the other lane, which hadn't been used, but was the only way out with the rest of us blocking the road. Out comes the winch cable, all the way- my chain comes out, he gets hooked up and begins to draw the cable in. His buddy is leaning over the cable presumably to see that it's hooked up ok, and the cable comes taut. In a half second the cable flung him up and over on his back, and he's out cold for about a minute. He came to, and he was walking- people kept talking to him to make sure he was ok. About a dozen people learned that day not to hover over a winch cable.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            If I was going to permanently mount the winch I would definitely go with a hydraulic winch, but I am not. I have used a chain fall horizontally to pull a tree stump, it worked but it was a pain to keep the hand chain fed into it.