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Do I have the right motor here, or not ?

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    no, it is 5hp rated pump @850 rpm turning & pulleyed down to 650.
    I just put in a lower PSI switch, 65-90psi its making 14cfm
    3hp is supposed to be 11cfm @100.
    its making 14cfm, so I feel a little better


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      Residential power meters read actual watts (and W-h). Most households have largely resistive loads and power factor will be close to 1.0 (unity). But the power company equipment is rated by current (wires and fuses) or V-A (transformers), so if the load has a poor PF, like 0.8, a typical 240V 50 kVA pole pig transformer driving a 50 kW load, it will see a current draw of

      50 / (240 * 0.8) = 260 amps instead of its rated 208.

      Industrial and large commercial installations may have equipment that has a large inductive component (low PF) so they will also monitor (and charge extra for) the additional current. So it is usually more cost effective for the customer to utilize PF correction devices, which are often just line connected capacitors, often rated in terms of V-A. They usually incorporate sensors so that the best correction can be obtained.
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