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Diy coolant (mister?) for T&C grinder??

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  • Diy coolant (mister?) for T&C grinder??

    I currently use a spray bottle and water for keeping things cool as I grind them on my T&C grinder. This is when I am using it as a makeshift surface grinder while grinding small parts. This makes a lot of mess and the clean up is long. I'm curious if others can recommend a good method that will allow enough coolant and still keep the mess down.

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    we just had a related thread on this. imo the only way that guaranteed works is a system that pressurizes the coolant and lets you separately control both, air and coolant. The objective is a stream of micro droplets traveling at speed so they land on the wheel ahead of the cut. A good set up makes a huge difference to tool grinding, you can really hog material off with it and keep things cool and the wheel clean
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      I don't think you need to pressurize the coolant. My Noga misters are very simple designs and could be copied easily. There is some machine work involved, most critical is the nozzle assembly which induces a venturi effect to pull coolant through. These provide for separate air and coolant adjustments in one part.
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