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DIY Carriage drilling setup

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  • DIY Carriage drilling setup

    This little project has been on my todo list for a while. A recent clutch failure on my Bosch cordless led to the purchase of a new brushless version so I salvaged the old chuck. A couple of other little parts and I have a BXA drill chuck. I’ve read numerous pros and cons but my heavy 14x40 has a very heavy tailstock so drilling/pecking small holes was chore worth exploring a better way. And I can say it was well worth it. Numerous ways to set vertical center and then finding horizontal center isn’t much of a chore either. Using a spotting or center drill first (still in this chuck not the TS) as a drill/boring bar to make the initial spot puts it on center. Following with a flexibly held bit allows you to see the flex and make your cross slide adjustment easily. A little backlash in the cross slide is a slight help here as well.
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    There is an easy more versatile method.
    put tool block parallel to ways , mount a stepped block of aluminum into tool post, you want about 1.5 inch or plus..square hanging out.
    Find approx centre, drill and ream to 1 inch. Then slit block and add a few clamping screws.
    now get a Morse #2 straight socket with 1 inch OD.........
    ... that will go in the 1 inch hole and hold most of your drills..


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      Yep. On my big Springfield, the tailstock weighs over 200 pounds. I'll use it to drill a BIG hole, but it's a pain to set it up to use anything under 1/2".

      What I did was simply bought a 1" boring bar holder to fit the CXA post. Into that, I slipped a 1" shank ER-25 holder. With a full set of collets, I can hold anything from 1/8" up to 5/8".

      Yes, it's offset from the centerline of the tool post, but the whole arrangement is big and heavy enough that I doubt I could apply enough pressure to spin anything.

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        That chuck looks like it had already seen two lifetimes of work before this new role.

        There's so many options around for fitting a chuck to some sort of rod to use on a tool post. But I think that this is a new option from what I've seen around. The world has another option now.

        When you mentioned "pecking" with the drill I was expecting a holder for smaller stuff like 3/32 and smaller. So I was hoping for a variation on something like that. I've been thinking about a sensitive lever style feed to go into my tail stock for a while now. And a matching option that could be used in the drill press and possibly on the mill with an R8 to MT2 adapter.

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          Looks like a good set-up to me. Nice job!

          PS: Good photo too.
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

          And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
          You will find that it has discrete steps.


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            Once you get the M2 taper in there you can use most taper shank drills to 1 inch..


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              Originally posted by BCRider View Post
              That chuck looks like it had already seen two lifetimes of work before this new role.
              Lol being a cordless chuck I guess it gets jammed into non ideal working conditions more than others. It’s actually in decent shape but in this case runout doesn’t even matter and it holds just fine. I actually threw a 1/4” drill into a holder and set it up to prove the theory before this setup and was instantly convinced. I’ll use this up to 1/2” for sure and 1/8” worked fine too. Haven’t had the need for a sensitive/micro attachment yet.