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fixing broken wine glass?

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  • fixing broken wine glass?

    My daughter left two monogrammed wine glasses with us for safe-keeping and we broke one of them into about six pieces. She and our son-in-law used them for their first toast at their wedding and so they are a sentimental keepsake. I would like to fix it for them and wonder if anyone out there knows how to repair it. Is there a glue that would hide the cracks and hold it together? The repair doesn't have to be water tight but should be cosmetically appealing. Are there companies that repair them? Anyone have any ideas?

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    I wonder if the filler used by those car windshield crack fixing companies might work. It must have about the same refractive index as glass in order to fill the crack and make it invisible to the eye.


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      Might be cheaper to find another (or two VERY SIMILAR) glass(es) and have it monogrammed.


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        A good glass blower can fuse them back together, maybe amost invisibly. It's kinda like autogenous welding.

        I got lucky when I stuck a hand back on the arm of a glass statue. Fortunately, it was a clean break. I turned the statue upside down so gravity was helping me, wired the hand in place using stainless wire, heated oh-so-gently trying not to involve the wire and Lo! it fused. Just like that the fracture disappeared. I stuck in in a hot (500 degree) kitchen stove oven for a few hours and then let the oven cool down gradually.

        But I was lucky. And a hero. For about ten minutes.

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          What source of heat did you use and how did you apply it to glass. Did you preheat to prevent uneven and sudden expansion?


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            Ask them if they would like to convert to being Jewish and then break the other glass. Your supposed to break them after the toast.



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              I used a cheap hand held burns o matic propane torch. Yes you'll have to be very careful with heat. I built a little opensided tent from refusil a ceramic fabric you can get from a welding supply. I heated the internal volume for a time before I placed the statue in it.

              Once the glass gets about 800 degrees or so it forgets about being brittle and becomes tough. Only then can you locally heat for fusing.

              Bust a couple of cheap wine glasses and practice on them. You'll soon pick up the knack of holding them together with stainless wire and how to monkey the heat.


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                I think this would not be an easy task if at all possible (which I doubt) sorry.
                It's a bit like people who say Oh I play the guitar only to discover most of them do so,(badly).In other words .Yes it can be repaired, but I don't believe it can be done without noticing it.Best of luck Thrud has the proper answer as I see it.
                In My opinion You would need to make a plaster cast to hold all the pieces together fixing them first with removable glue actually not plaster as it would crack but a casting material similar to that used for casting or soldering gold.Then grind when set all the pieces would have to be taken apart and ground and roughened out around the cracks. Then reassembled onto the mould (jig)after all the pieces must be fixed together under heat and not move /misalign while it is being done then weld it all back together filling the pieces you had ground away from the cracked area with new glass rod then regrind it and repolish it and probably re monogram any bits in the damaged area. An expensive job suited only for very few skilled people who could handle such a task.Sorry I don't think this is feasable perhaps it could be done another way I don't know. Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  As one good friend of mine once said "you can't polish a turd." You would be much better off making a new glass and monogramming it.


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                    I forgot to mention one alternative which is probably the best. Just be honest and tell them what happened and spend whatever you would have on repairing this, on making them happy. Chances are this is the best route.


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                      Spence, Alastair, Thrud everyone combined all have good answers.

                      But way I feel, sharing sorrows- regardless of how they occur is part of life with friend and enemy. You “broke itâ€‌, there is no way to un “broke itâ€‌. Accept the fact and live with it. If you could do an undetectable repair, you have created a real problem- you still broke it, but now you can’t brag about how well you fixed it. You gotta carry the secret to the grave. If you secretly replace it you now see them treasuring a false treasure with your knowledge- and when discovered you are faced with the “Broke itâ€‌, hid the breaking and watched us display junk thinking it was jewels. Longer you go the worse the offense.

                      If the relationship can not survive a “broke chunk of glassâ€‌ the relation ship aint worth the effort no how.. Fess up, even show how much you tried and get on with life.

                      Just don’t ever show this post to them- (1) they might think I influenced you if you have not already figured out the dilemma your self (2) As you can tell by my grammer, I ain’t well schooled so I got no reason to think I got a grip on these problems. So’s you just figure it out your self or write Ann Landers or Dear Abby, cause your problem aint mechanical nor materials- your problem, when you scratch way down where the sun don’t shine and contemplate who will do what when, is MORALE !!!!!.

                      Next time you see them or write, take a good swig of Kentucky’s finest bourbon, and tell. Matter of fact anticipation of getting a shot of bourbon might be reward nuff to get your ass in gear and visit, call or write!!!!!! So you do it in reverse- tell THEN get (share?) the shot!!
                      PS: we all spend too much time trying to protect others from grief. Better to learn how to handle the small stuff,before the big stuff come along


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                        Hello Metal Friends:

                        Thanks for all the replies and advice.

                        My daughter already knows that the glass was broken, so there is no deception there. It is just my sentimental leanings that make me want to make everything as it was before I broke it. I thought that if I could repair it, it would be a nice surprise for them.

                        I like the idea of using the resin that is used to fix divots in windshields to glue it together and will check that out. Thanks to all--Mike.