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O.T. heater for a gun safe

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    My safe has sat in my unheated attached garage for close to 30 years with a "goldenrod" heater that came with it. I check the rod every year or so and it's still warm after all that time. It's an insulted fire proof safe so that probably smoothes out the temperature swings. I have the safe sitting on treated 2x2's so it's not metal to concrete and in case I spill something in the garage. I have never had an issue with rust or dried out stocks. There is no reason to overthink or over engineer this. Oh wait ... I forgot where I was. ;-)
    Tom - Spotsylvania, VA


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      I have an existing decent-sized safe (4' x 2' x 6'H) that was furnished with a single-tube 4' florescent light mounted vertically, just inside the door. Can't remember exactly when I got the safe, but it's been at least 10 years, and I've replaced the tube exactly once. The safe is in my shop, which is kept heated to a minimum of 53 degrees or so, and air-conditioned in the Summer, whether I'm in there or not, as I hate rust on tools, mill table, chucks, etc. Of course, guns are sorta like rabbits, they multiply when you're not looking, but I never, ever count them. As most realize, if you know how many you have, you don't have enough.

      Sooo...When our favorite vendor, Harbor Freight, put their safe on sale ( I bought one. Although it's not the heaviest -duty thing, I figure it's OK for .22 rifles, but I do want to protect the contents from rust. Although the dessicant is OK, it would be highly inconvenient to dry it, as the stove is in the house; that means that drying out would be neglected. I'd rather spend the time to run power to the safe once than have an ongoing maintenance issue.

      My existing safe is sitting on a hunk of counter top, about 3/4" thick, and is anchored to the concrete, I'm figuring on doing the same with the new one. The main hangup is that the safe will be in middle of the room, so the power outlet will have to be in the ceiling. As flathead4 said, we all tend toward over-engineering, so it'll no doubt require at least a half-day to run power 10 or 12 feet from an existing source.

      It's a shame I was so short-siighted, I should have gotten one of these:

      Or perhaps built an actual room:

      I've ordered the 12" GoldenRod from Amazon, thanks so much for the tip!!


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        Originally posted by dian View Post
        oil-dri seems to be an oil absorbent. is that what you use? cat-litter?
        Yeah oil dri is dried clay and kitty litter is that and or ground up paper waste. Either of them works well and it's very cheap and totally reusable.
        If paper kitty litter is used I'd bake that out at a lower temp like 300 degrees.