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    Originally posted by Fasttrack View Post

    The difference with you is that you ARE an "expert" - if you failed to tell a buyer what you knew about a machine and its suitability for the task that the buyer had in mind... well I would say that is somewhat less than honorable because you are intentionally withholding information.

    Just my $0.02
    I definitely agree. A person who doesn't know, is unable to judge and provide useful information. Probably the seller in that case is in that condition.

    There are folks who will happily stick in a comment "I know nothing about machine tools", but if you open the door just behind whatever they are selling, you may find a full shop.... They are just trying to avoid responsibility.

    I must be a dinosaur. I would not want to take a person's money if I thought that what I was selling is not what they need. Apparently some do not agree, and simply put it on the buyer to know.
    CNC machines only go through the motions.

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