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OT: GPU mining Ethereum

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    man, all those money launderers are going to be out of a job soon! Either that or driving around in Teslas


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      I guess beyond covering your money tracks, which Mr. average guy does not need to do and speculation which drives the value of whatever up and down those are the only folks who need it. Sure If I purchased Bitcoin when I first learned about it few years ago I would be rolling in money right now, or Not. But since its all driven by speculation what is the long term value? Am I going to sell my stocks and bonds or cash in my retirement to invest in this... I don't think so. The USD and UK pound have value based on their economy, the cryptocurrency is based on speculation and rumor.
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        At this point it helps me heat my house while making a little money, for the one GPU I am using it's probably close to a $300 a month gross for a computer that ran 24/7 anyway, there is an increase in power draw so it will be somewhat less after power. But that will also offset my heating bill. It's really only profitable to mine at the current values, if it drops much I will probably quit.

        It's kind of like the tar sands in Canada, its only viable if gas prices are high enough.

        What's the use of it, like others have said, buying stuff without traceability. It's kind of like cash for the internet.