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What to do with an old bad 10HP elec Motor

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    There could be somebody out there with an identical motor with bad bearings, but the chances of getting lucky are low.


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      Consider it a challenge to learn a new skill: rewinding motors. Supposedly HSM doable. Lots of YouTube's, I'm sure. Keep a video record for us, please.


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        I'd offer it up on the K&T and antiques sections on PM in the meantime. You never know, someone might be able to use in exchange for something you could use.

        I tend to take old motors apart before going to the scrapyard. The motor shafts are generally really nice turning steel and you get more money for the individual parts. Probably not worth your time if you're looking at an hourly rate, but I like taking stuff to bits and reusing what I can before scrapping stuff. Got some lovely needle thrust bearings out of a couple of bed raising motors that went into my South Bend.


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          Originally posted by outlawspeeder View Post
          I have my K&T up and running. Thank you all that help.

          I have leftover very large 10HP motor that has a bad winding. The local shop wanted $800 to fix it.

          Click image for larger version

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          Hahah!! Oldest trick in the book. You thing isint worth anything, big money to fix it.

          Did he offer you any money for it just curious?

          A motor like that is not burnt. So a plate re-map?> Big deal. Where is the cover plate?? JR