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R 8 toolholders and endmill rack.

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  • R 8 toolholders and endmill rack.

    Here us what I built to hold most if my tools needed at the mill. still trying to find my 3 inch boring head, it escaped.
    this is far better than wood, easy to keep clean, ant warp or split , or get oil soaked..
    it's 1.5 inch UHMW, cut off of a large hotel cutting board..

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20210315_160902.jpg Views:	0 Size:	637.3 KB ID:	1934062
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    ooo nice! Teflon!
    25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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      Great job! I've got some corian that is 12 x 12 that I'm going to glue together and do the same thing. I used the small ammo plastic boxes with some foam stuck down in the holes to store my router bits. Need to do similar for my lathe.
      olf20 / Bob


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        Too "In your face" for me.
        I prefer to store my end mills in a drawer
        with divider slots. Just looking at it makes
        me feel like it is poking my eyes out.



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          Fancy, a Clarkson Autolock finding its way to Canada.


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            Is there another way to hold endmills ? It might be because we have the Royals on our currency lol..
            TO Left of the blue bag , is my Coolant Induced 3/4 bore... RotoBroach arbor. I have pulled the coolant manifold off, as I use it a lot in aluminum, and lube by hand. I made it from 4140 I think it looks good..
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              Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post
              ooo nice! Teflon!
              Teflon is PTFE?


              I have been sitting on a stick of 2x2x18 UHMW that I snagged 10+ years ago and have been contemplating making it a holder for the several big R8 tools I have. I should just go do it already


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                Poly Tetra Flouro Ethelene, or Teflon, the trade name, likely from Du Pont. There are greases based on ptfe for use with oxygen, Krytox and Fombulin.