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Strange extended chuck on Southbend

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    I'd put it down to total ignorance of almost anything mechanical. Harsh? Sure. But look at the setup.

    The countershaft setup is simply done totally wrong. That edge that the belt hits is too high, the countershaft assy is mounted on the base wrong, too high, and backwards. The tension adjustment has been ignored and a boss is laying on the added bracket to hold the belt tension. The countershaft assy may even be bolted to the bracket, I can't see enough to understand what the moron did there.
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      The odd things about this lathe could be considered an opportunity. The price might be lower than if everything was right about it.


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        Originally posted by mattthemuppet View Post
        it's got a T-slot cross slide too, don't see many of those. I wonder how you change the belt though, doesn't look like there's anyway to release the belt tension?
        Boxford are a South Bend clone and they do slotted cross-slides for those. Very common machine in the UK
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          I don't think it's "for" anything. It just looks like a really nasty bodged way of fitting a chuck to a spindle, nothing else.

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            It is a setup for producing antilinear escutcheon tubes, these begin on the left side of the part and are cut from the head stock toward the tail stock.