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Dykem Layout Blue vs Staining Colors

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  • Dykem Layout Blue vs Staining Colors

    I was looking for some red layout fluid, going to try brush on this time, and saw that Dykem also has staining colors. The specs look to be about the same for each with the exception of the staining colors which are available in several colors. The layout fluid comes in the traditional red & blue. Sharpie markers are OK but the ink tends to rub off too easy.
    The staining fluid looks to be more for permanent marking of parts and leaves a thicker film vs temp. for layout and machining.

    Anyone have any experience with the staining fluid ?


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    I believe that the difference is that the layout fluids are translucent, the staining colors are opaque. Other than that nothing much. The staining fluid is generally almost like using thin paint in my experience. I have only used white.


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      The specs say it has a thickness of .002. Layout fluid doesn't have a thickness any where near that.

      Says it will not interfere with part operation?? Depends on what your part operation / tolerances are.



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        The opaque fluids are useful when marking out structural steel and rough iron where the translucent ones don't give a decent contrast when you scribe a line.
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