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    Figured it out, operator error. I realize that I might possibly be an idiot who cannot read, understand, and follow simple directions. Index issue(hmm, I think that was mentioned more than once) When aligning the drill bit, as seen in the first picture, the depth is set, bit locked in the chuck fingers, then the rotational lock is freed. The pawl blocks are then squeezed together, and the chuck rotated until the bit locks on the steps. I was letting the pawl blocks come together, and push the chuck back. I was doing this without even realizing it, because it is the natural motion where things want to rest. This allows the chuck to rotate considerably more, locking the bit a good 20 degrees or more out of the correct positioning. Reading the M2 manual, it mentions holding the chuck forward so the bit tip stays in contact with the end plate, and not letting the chuck walk back. I thought, it can't be that simple, well, it was. I noticed, starting with the M3, this rotational lock was removed from the chuck, and an alignment line put on to align with the with the scale on the fixture, with the locking of the drill bit in the chuck satisfying both depth and relief requirements. I wonder if this is why it was changed? Or maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better.

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      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      For the first check, unless you just can't look at the thing anymore*, what is the chisel edge angle you are getting?

      Is that angle CONSISTENT?

      The thing about the Darex system, which is similar to the original (Darex) Drill Doctor, is that the alignment grips the drill behind the point. Therefore, both the stickout and the helix angle of the drill will affect the result.

      If the helix is different, the rotational position will be wrong, since the twist amount is different from the expected between the grippers and the point. A wrong stickout will do that as well, and may change where on the wheel the drill touches, possibly not fully grinding, or grinding at a different angle than expected.

      The rounding you are getting seems like a misalignment issue in some dimension..... As if the relation between the drill and the grinding wheel is fouled up in a big way. I'm not entirely clear on how that would happen, unless the position of the drill is really wrong as it is presented to the wheel. Possibly the drill is "wrongly aimed".

      Are the "collets" a loose fit? If they can move around in the holder (aside from the intended movement), it is possible that such a grind error could occur.

      * Faced with a situation like that, I'd just have to figure out what the problem is, even if I still decided to bag it. Others may differ in their degree of interest and tolerance.
      I had shelved this once before after I got it. It was what I was thinking about before going to sleep last night, and when I woke up in the morning. I was overthinking it, and overcorrecting to fix it.

      Thank you everyone for your help. This forum is awesome.


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        Good that you got it sorted, figured it was something simple. Next thing I'd suggest is dressing your wheel a little slower. By the looks of that ground surface you are traversing your diamond much more quickly than you should.


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          Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post

          Rambling again in the wee hours of the morning?
          Maybe it's high time that Captain Morgan pulls into port for good.
          Haha I dont drink Ct Mor.

          My post was an attempt to make a "You suck it" type post cause he got a smakin deal. Big score in his favar, thats all. No big deal.. JR


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            i hate to say it, but the picture shows an "imperfect" grind. its not a conical surface, the usual result with most drill grinders. but dont worry, it will drill holes.


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              The grind is a typical Darex grind... just like a Drill Dr, also made by Darex.
              CNC machines only go through the motions


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                Originally posted by JRouche View Post

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