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  • belt sander suggestions

    I am interested in acquiring a belt sander for my modest shop.
    Does anyone have some suggestions as to a decent belt sander?
    Baldor, Kalamazoo quality is great but too expensive for me.


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    If what you are after is a 6" belt/12"disc combo machine I can recomend one of these.

    I have had a Jet clone for years and they work great,Lots of cast iron and real world motor ratings.I'm gonna get a new one in a few weeks because I want a seperate one for woodwork.

    No affiliation,just a happy camper.

    If what you want is an abrasive belt grinder,then build one.I see the prices on those things range anywhere from $300-4,000.They simply aren't worth that IMHO since they are simple machines to build.

    Just a tip, if you are going to use it for metal working buy the zirconia belts and discs,they ain't cheap,but then again you don't need that many of them either.
    Hope this helps.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      If you are thinking smaller, Delta or Dayton work for me.


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        We have used the Australian made "Multitool" for many years, they are really excellent! We fit them to 8" bench grinders, have at least three at work.
        For many years (15?) two of them were used all day every day deburring steel off the saw and sheetmetal parts, they never give trouble.
        They use a 915 x 50 belt (36"x 2").

        You can get attachments for sharpening chisels, and an angle plate for use against the sanding disc, but we never use any of that stuff, just the belt.

        One of the best tools in the workshop!


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          You want this thing to square up projects or for freehand use. If freehand, I'd suggest a 2x72 inch belt grinder with a full set of belts. You can damn near do sculpture with them. Knifemakers use these type a lot. No reason they couldn't be modified to do true-up work also.
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            belt sander suggestions

            Like Wolf said, Delta makes a really nice one. I bought their 4" horizontal/ vertical at Home Depot for $99 and it works great.

            good luck,
            Jim (KB4IVH(
            Jim (KB4IVH)

            Only fools abuse their tools.


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              Lots o' sanders on eBay. All shapes and sizes.



              Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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                If you should get a used one, make sure you clean ALL the wood dust out of it! Sparks and wood dust make little fires hidden inside the machine. Also on a new machine, check for plastic parts in hidden places that sparks and hot metal can melt into, results in like fire problems. I would also look for a machine that has cast iron "behind" the belt, not AL or "sheetmetal". I'm thinking of the 4x and 6x belt width machines. Alot depends on the size of work you want to do, and how much of it you will be doing. If your in the USA, I think that Jet is the/an importer of the Australian made tool (or at least they did a few years back).
                Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                  The Grizzly belt sander looks fine to me. I will take your advice, and thank you
                  for it.


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                    Belt Sander

                    Several years ago there was a guy that advertised in the HSM. I contacted him and bought 2" X 72" belt sander. Added a Variable speed drive and a TEFC motor. I don't know how I ever got along with out it. Very easy to change belts but it Probably would not please OSHA.
                    Byron Boucher
                    Burnet, TX


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                      Part confirmation of your decision, part tool gloat.... ...

                      I bought a used G1183 from a guy who had it in a local want-ad paper a week ago. It was old enough that the "Grizzly Green" was an olive-gray color. They guy said it needed motor work and that he had already swapped the capacitor which popped and "cleaned the pitted contacts" on the centrifugally switched contacts and it still didn't work. I was afraid given that he already hit the standard problems and it could have had a burnt start winding. I offered $50 instead of the $75 he was asking.

                      I opened it to find that he had the contacts bent such that they were normally open I went ahead and ordered a new contact assembly for $10 from Grizzly and all is now well. I have $ 60 in it and it works well!. It is actually stoutly built. This one will likely be used mostly for wood work.

                      I also own a cheap, junky, Horrible Freight 1x30 belt sander that has turned out to be so very useful in spite of its inherent crappiness. I buy good belts (cheap ones have splices that make them about useless) and this is the *ideal* tool bit sharpener in my opinion. Try finding a grinder with a 400 grit wheel. Even if you do, you will be grinding with a curved surface. You can mirror polish your HSS tool bits with this thing and grind much more carefully than with a wheel and with square grinding surfaces...for $30.
                      Paul Carpenter
                      Mapleton, IL