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OT-pickling fish?

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    Brian hit it!
    I worked for a Swedish guy in retailing (motorbike and power equipment biz) who ate the most god awful sandwiches. I don't know what the hell it was but some kind of fish and mustard and the stink was horrendous. I warned the other guys, look out he's having one of his schitt sandwiches today.

    The biggest problem was that the customers would get a whif of it and almost gag.

    I wonder if it was surströmming:
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      Originally posted by brian Rupnow View Post
      When I went to public school, the kid who set right behind me had a mother who pickled perch and suckers. He brought pickled fish sandwiches to school and ate them at his desk at noon hour. STINK!!! That kid had the breath of death for the rest of the day. The only smell that even came close to that kids breath were some of the fish plants in Newfoundland.
      You mean he could knock a buzzard off a turd wagon?
      I've heard that some pickled fish stink but pickled herring don't so?? If the pickled shad do end up with a stink I have a person who will be getting them put into their back seat 😁
      I can't stand people that breath their trenchtbreath on me. Garlic breath makes me actually angry and I don't eat garlic because I think it smells awful. I have a too good sense of smell I've been told. More often this is a bad "gift" than a good one. I can tell what a gnat has been eating from 50'.
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        look up philipino Bagoong, that'll turn the vultures away......!!!