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Drill press finally coming together.

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  • Drill press finally coming together.

    My dad bought one of these craftsman floor model drill presses in the 70's. Still use it today. Fast forward about 10 years ago - dad was at a random school auction and he calls me - They have the same drill press - how much do I want to bid. I said don't go over $200. Got it for $100. It is a little rough around the edges - it was in a school.

    It sat apart in the basement for years (didn't build the garage until later... I finally got it out in the garage and put together. Everything needed tweeking.

    The spindle was slightly bent. I pulled it off and stuck it in the lathe a the shop - lined up the taper and ground about .002 off to straiten it up.
    The column needed adjustment. It has setscrews/allen head screws to tension the split to get the best movement of the quill.

    I finally actually used it to drill some holes the other day. I thought maybe we didn't get the spindle perfect - but I was wrong. Drilled a 3/8" hole in 1" aluminum.

    Smooth as butter..

    Now I have the exact drill press I grew up with. So happy.

    To do - the depth stop was missing - need to find or make one.. Dads is cool - it has a rough/fine adjustment. Works well.


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    I still use this table all the time...

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    That looks like a great machine. I love it. It even has a drill size chart. More manufacturers should think like that.

    I would suggest using a push-button nut for the depth stop. I have one on my bench DP and have the makings for installing one on my floor stand.

    Click image for larger version

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    These push-button nuts make adjusting the stop BOTH fast and accurate. Once they are installed the depth stop goes from a PITA that is only used when absolutely necessary into a great feature that is used all the time.

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    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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      Yes - I could find something like that.. If all else fails. would love to find this though - parts for this thing are pretty non-existent...

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