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O/T: Speed reading? Did any of you do it also?

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    Originally posted by aribert View Post

    I'm the same way. Took a speed reading course in 7th grade. Reading is why I **dislike** using YouTube for any technical info - it is simply too slow for me. I find myself skipping forward a lot on YouTube (and sometimes missing what I was there for to find out about). So often now I can not find a how to web page but lots of YouTube links for a given querry.
    Oh yeah, same here. Can't stand having to watch a video when I could read the info instead. I generally purposely avoid videos for that reason. Watching a video makes me feel like I'm getting information in slow motion.


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      Like Tim Jim, when I was in 5th grade (1961/62) there were a group of us that were in an experimental reading group. We would leave the regular classroom and go to a special room that had a special projector that would display one line of text at a time. As we went along in the course, the rapidity with which the lines would change kept getting faster. We all had to take comprehension tests on what the material was about. I though it benefited me for many years. I really have no basis for comparison since my own reading skill is all I have ever known. I do seem to be capable of reading much faster than my wife or my sister (when she was alive).
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        In re videos: too many barely comprehensible accents. I have no doubt they know what they are talking about, but an accent which is charming for the first ten minutes grates after an hour.


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          My reading slowed down somewhat when I discovered Playboy back in the 80's. It has recovered since.


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            Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post

            I don't try to any more, but I am a fast reader. They told me I was reading at the 12th grade level while in the 7th grade, so college wasn't much challenge in that way. I still read and study all the time, it's all I do in my spare time. hundreds or thousands of pages ..... no prob.

            Yaa, I dont speed read anymore because it was more like work than entertaining. I read for entertainment anymore.

            When I was proficient I would run through tech manuals in moments, turning pages and come out with around 70-80% comp. And the stuff I missed was easily gathered back up with a gloss over.

            I did it for tech reasons. Umm 1993 I think.

            Its amazing what the brain can compute with the eyes if need be. Thats the only reason I asked..

            You guys dated Evelin?? Shame.. JR

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              I read fast not speed reading and I remember what I read. In third grade the teacher told my parents I was in danger of failing reading. She showed them what we were reading and dad said he thought he knew what the problem was. He said you are reading Dick, Jane, & Sally, at home he reads Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Mechanix Illustrated!

              In 7th grade I made friends with the librarian. I’d get a book from the library every morning, read it during class and returned it at the end of the day and got one to read at home. Every day of school for 7th and 8th grade. I guess she figured I was learning okay.