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O/T: Any use for old gasoline. 20gals to get rid of.

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    Originally posted by garyhlucas View Post
    What would gasoline turn into sitting for 15 years? It will still be a hydrocarbon, it can’t turn into water.
    If it is sealed up, I don't see what it would have happen, other than maybe depositing most of the gum in it, as someone mentioned long ago in the thread.

    If the volatiles in it can get away, then maybe it would degrade But a decent seal ought to prevent much of that. "Gasoline" of the old type was Ok in the ground for millions of years. Maybe modern "cracked" gasoline has enough odd molecules to degrade more. I have heard that, but not from any source with "sound science" behind it.

    With no headspace, there would be minimal entry of water vapor, which otherwise would be sure to get in as the air expanded and contracted. Somehow things that hold pressure often fail to hold a vacuum. Depends on the "seal direction".
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      Probably a little late on this, 15 years is a long time. I pus some old gas in my tractor. I will never do that again.. the old gas gummed up the valve stems real bad. Took a long time to get it running right again. Some one mentioned week killer. The old gas stink stays around a long time. Stan