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Some woodworking using the metalworking tools

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    Very first material to be cut after assembling my Bridgeport was to "join" some red oak panels for a set of raised panel doors that I was making for my Living room. I did not own a joiner. Cheap new 8-flute 2 inch HSS endmill, max speed on my step belt machine, about 2750 rpm. Panels were only about 2 ft long so fit OK on the short table machine. I worked hard at getting a grain match at the joint line and the joint line is not apparent on the face of the panels (raised portion), only on the edges where the stock was routered away does one see the variation in grain.
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      I made a bench block (crossed V-slots, shoulders, and a couple brass inserts for clampig screws) from osage orange last winter. I used the Taig as it had a higher spindle speed than the Bridgeport, not to mention a lot less oil on it. The chips looked like saffron. If the machie is relatively free of oil, the chips just vacuum up, and a quick wipedown with the old oily rag restores it to metal-working service. The cutter I used was a carbide routing cutter; they're much cheaper than end mills.


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        Looks like AK has you all beat

        All of the gear, no idea...


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          Was there a competition that I missed?

          Keep eye on ball.
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          It's just a box of rain, I don't know who put it there.


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            I have modified many wooden snow shovel handles to fit the taper of my garden tool. The snow shovel wooden handle are heavier duty and last much longer and there is plenty broke o one at the curbside early spring. Click image for larger version

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              Just been making an Oak staircase mostly with a router but pressed the Bridgeport into service for some of the "complicated" joints -- easier than making router templates -- a few photos here !
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