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MT sleeve for lathe collet?

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    Originally posted by Illinoyance View Post
    They aren't expensive. Buy the MT4 collet chuck.
    I'd say it depends on if he can use the MT3 chuck on anything else. If he has no other application for the MT3 arbor chuck and were not to at least sell it to recoup his money then it's money wasted to and even higher degree. At that point it makes more sense to buy the MT adapter.
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      Just a thought; as this is for use in a lathe (in the headstock), wouldn't a hole all the way through be useful to you? If you swap the one you have for a 4MT collet holder, you could then bore a reasonable size hole all the way through the taper. ER32 collets go up to 21mm, the small end of a 4MT is about 25.5mm. You'd almost still have room for a hollow drawbar.

      All of the gear, no idea...


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        i did pick up a cheap 4-3 sleeve and cut it down. when i slide it in, its stuck hard enough that i do need to tap it out from behind, but i get about 0.015 sideways play in one direction. i havent snugged it up with a drawbar yet, but it worries me that something may be oval. it was late and i didnt play too much. tonight i will try it ay 90* and see if the play is still in the same direction. that should tell me if its the sleeve or the bore that is not right. I have verified that everything is clean, so its not that.

        if its the sleeve that is oval, i will just order the mt4 chuck and maybe mod this one by cutting off the taper and put a hex on the back to use in the mill chuck.