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  • Ok no sex

    Here goes with the old tractor and photobucket again????

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    Thats a cool old tractor. Hook a chain on it and drag it out of the trees for a better look.

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      finaly sex

      Well I did it. The last post with the photo is how I found my last project. She had been abandoned since the 70's in the bush. A friend new she was there and took me to the location. As soon as I seen it I new it was worth restoring. I even new what model it was. Any guess? I will post a few more photos showing the restoration. Thanks for all the help getting me on line with photos. It was ORGASMIC when it finaly happened.


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        Hmmm...when I saw the picture my first thought was that it is a Ford 9N Jubilee.
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          Good guess Mike! Part right, it is a Ford. When I seen it for the first time I could not believe those grouser were still on it after all these years. They were in perfect condition. I had never seen this type before and no one had removed them to another machine.


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            Unless I'm missing something, it is overhead valve. That should put it a little later than the early 9 N's. Not an expert at ID's, but have worked on many of em. Let us know what year and model.


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              Originally posted by gunsmith
              ...those grouser were still on it after all these years. They were in perfect condition....
              Grousers? I presume you are talking about what's wrapped around the rear tires? What are they used for...explain a little more? I have never seen anything like least not here in the west!
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                8N's had running boards and I think that's what this tractor is.

                Grousers are what they call those cross pieces on caterpillar tracks. I don't know where the term originated but it appears to be almost universal.


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                  I really don't know...

                  grouser is a complainer in Brit army slang.

                  I know it is also an "extension" (make the track wider) on a tracked vehicle's track to lower the ground pressure, and help it move in deep mud, snow, and on ice. I don't have any idea if word went from the person to a machine, or the other way around. But "breaking track" in the cold rain and mud, is only one of several reasons that a young soldier will complain about.
                  Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                    Dexta gas burner,love the cleats.Did you have the hood too,or did you have to pay an arm and a leg to get one?
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      I didn't know there was a Dexta gas. Was there also a Fordson Major gas?

                      One thing the wraps are used for is brush cutting wicked ground to keep from stobbing the tires.


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                        Ok no sex

                        I've always called those "grousers" rice tracks, perhaps because they were used in rice paddies for flotation and traction. I had an old JD A with rice tracks.. really worked good in the swamp. I once worked on a farm in Norway where the tractors had that type of track, the tractors had hydraulic bogey wheels to keep the track tight.


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                          "Ford 9N Jubliee."?

                          Explain how you got that name they are Years apart.

                          IIRC 1949= 9n, 1952=2n , 1958 =8n First one w.floorboards,not aftermarket. Jubilee came later.

                          I knew after I posted I was off 10 years or so.
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                            Actually it is 1939 -1941 = 9N , 1942-1947 = 2N , Late 1947 thru 1952= 8N , 1953 - 1954 = NAA , 1955 + into the Hundred Series.

                            My guess would be that it is either an NAA or Hundred series.

                            Could be Arps tracks but am not sure because there does not seem to be idler wheels.

                            You may want to post a pic at on the Ford board and see what those guys say.

                            Most parts you need to get it running are still available.

                            Good Luck !!


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                              I'm thinking it's the 800 series Ford, I don't recall ever seeing a 600 series with the 'sheild' from the fan in front of the distributor. Depending on year, I'm going to guess a 840 (or 841) or possibly and 850 (or 851).

                              The main differences being sheetmetal, it's really hard to see that in your pics <grin> The x40/x41 vs. x50/x51 series was determined by tranny, the first having the 4 speed tranny, the second having the 5 speed. Again a little hard to see from the angle of your pic.