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Fly-cutting with lathe tooling plate

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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
    It kinda sounds as if the Palmgren had an issue with the base.

    Got any pics of it?

    You might check out "Metal lathe accessories" (which I think was renamed to something similar) and look at the stuff they have for milling on the lathe. Might give you some ideas on how to make something for the purpose out of material you can scrounge, using as much of the Palmgren stuff as you can.

    The MLA milling stuff is generally designed so that you can do all the machining on the lathe to make it.
    Indeed I have been to MLA's website many times, ad I am preparing to make some purchases there.... it seems most of Andy's stuff was designed specifically for the SB9. I'm hoping to do a few of his "kit builds" right here on HSM. FWIW some of the kits (t-slotted cross slide, etc) explicitly state that a mill is required -- but I'm figuring ways to push the envelope.
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