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Machinable Neoprene?

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    Freezing doesn't work well. With rubber you use punches and an exacto knife to cut it. Even in the lathe put the knife in the tool holder. If that's not going to work ?? Simple polyurethane pour molds can be made. Soap works very well for cutting rubber.


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      Originally posted by Fasturn View Post
      Freezing doesn't work well. Soap works very well for cutting rubber.
      How often do you have to re-sharpen the soap?



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        Originally posted by doctor demo View Post

        How often do you have to re-sharpen the soap?

        Doc- iam sorry Soap is the lube dude !


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          We precision ground Rubber and Urethane rolls at work.
          it is messy , no way around it
          We used an old lathe and set up a Vacuum hood/system on the back side and then
          used a tool post grinder with an Open Electroplated diamond wheel , sort of like this

          We did it dry, but you must use lots of Talcum Powder !. Wipe the roll with the powder before each pass.
          The powder combines with the "Hot" rubber chip ( really dust ) and keep it from resticking to anything, like the roller or the grinding wheel.
          Rubber durometer can change the speed of the roll and if it gets warm, you stop and let it cool
          When time was important, we have used a CO 2 Extinguisher to cool the roll, but then normal size changes !!!

          To cut the roll, we used Xacto Knives .

          Green Bay, WI