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Anyone here ever restore a Dake 501 Arbor Press?

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  • Anyone here ever restore a Dake 501 Arbor Press?

    I’ve been working on stripping the paint
    off mine and I’m to the point where I
    want to remove the two swing-out arms.

    I guess both arms and the solid rod sit
    In the pocket at the base, but my
    question is about the Lead, that’s been
    poured on the top of the arm that covers
    the top part of the rod, and whether or
    not it’s affecting the removal of the arm
    that bolts to the main body of the press.

    I believe it’s lead, seems too soft to be
    babbit bearing material but then I don’t
    really know how soft babbit is.

    There is one set/locking screw in the
    bottom pocket, other than that I see no
    other locking screws, just the lead in
    the top arm.
    Any help is appreciated.