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    Hi guys I’m new to this site and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me find some information on a lathe I recently acquired. I am trying to find an operator manual and parts list for this toolex lathe. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum, Gasser, I have looked for references to Toolex lathes in the common places, but have drawn a blank. It's early days yet, somebody will have some info on it.


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      Hi Gasser, Welcome Aboard.

      I don't have any information for you but the head stock on your lathe is highly similar to the headstock on my own. And the tumbler gearing being on a knob like we have isn't all that common.

      My lathe is a 12x36 and the knob sits a little above the oil sight glasses plus my QCGB sticks out where yours is flush to the face of the headstock. So the only true comparison is the odd way that a knob is used and the direction is set by the sliding gearing and clutches instead of the more often seen tumbler gears.

      My own lathe quickly varies from there in a number of ways though. Like your mine is Asian in origin. Likely Taiwan for the age of them. The name tag on my is Longem. Sadly the name doesn't mean much because the same machines from one factory often came out with a variety of distributor names and paint colors.

      Like you I haven't had much luck finding any information on this style of head stock on any lathe. But it's one of the few I've seen which may have come from the same factory.
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        From the "flip up" top on the headstock and screw on chuck mounting, I'm guessing it's a belt drive lathe. It's probably similar in operation to the Grizzly G9249. Here's a link to that manual:

        My 1985 Morgon 12x36 is an almost exact clone of the Grizzly and the manual that came with it (from the original owner) is almost useless. Some parts of the manual look to be for another lathe, so finding an original manual for yours might not even be a help.

        Do you need this to learn how to use the lathe? If so, there is YouTube or maybe a local JC or high school will have beginning machining classes. If it's just OCD to have all of the data and info about your new tool - just use it and maybe the info will turn up some day. While the individual levers and knobs will differ from lathe to lathe - in the end they all work in a similar manner.

        And welcome to the Forum.

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