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Bristol Erickson "Tenthset" boring head models

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  • Bristol Erickson "Tenthset" boring head models

    I was searching for used boring heads, as a possible upgrade to my cheap Chinese import and came across the above brand/model.

    After a bit of research I determined:
    • They must ave pre-dated the internet as very little information about their specs exists.
    • They were branded Kennametal later in llfe.
    • They are pretty simple mechanically, should be nothing major to go wrong and the simple mechanism really should give a fine level of adjustment claimed (
    • Used they are not priced in terms of body parts.
    • They have limited adjustment range, ok not a problem something I am more than willing to trade if you get adjustment accuracy.
    • There are several models - #10, #12, #37, #50 and #62, best I can determine this is the size of the head and adjustment range.
    So the question is does anyone have information relating to adjustment range vs model number?



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    I've got a couple of 50's and a 37. A 50 will go about 3/8" from center, a 37 about 3/16 from center. The 37 and one of my 50's is cross drilled for a horizontally held cutter, but really the head diameters are not really conducive to that sort of boring (1.75" for the 37 and 2.5" for the 50). They can be screwed up, one of my 50's is not a slick as the other I recall had some issues (the other are on quick change shanks and get the use). Adjustment is nice, they really do adjust to tenths if you do your part. Really they're not for the same job as a Criteron DBL head, they're more for the final .002" in a hole to get it right on size. I think trying to use one as a replacement for a DBL style head would be a bit frustrating, but then I never tried to use mine for that.


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      Thanks rkepler very useful info.