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Is this lathe any good?

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    Originally posted by polaraligned View Post

    Yeah, you can weld the work while it is still mounted in the chuck and not worry about the ways....
    It would be perfect for a fab shop, we wouldn't have to use an iron worker as weight when straightening beams

    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      Hah, I remember going to a fab shop to lookat a lathe, north shore in Vancouver.
      they were building a pir of beams, similar to that , 150 or 200 feet long.. ..... the longest drawings i have ever seen.. the guy said a mile of weld in each one..
      they were the ramp, for I think a smelter build or refit up north, had to be long enough for ship to shore, and adjust for the tide to be useablr 24 hrs per day..
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