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O.T. antique forklift puking oil out of breather

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    OK: I looked it over a bit more closely this afternoon. That pump on the engine IS the hydraulic pump, it's really quite large. The attached filler pipe with breather goes into the timing case, you can see the drive gear by looking down the thing. The hydraulic oil filler/breather is on the front, RH side of the operator's platform, marked "10 weight". I suggested to him that perhaps he's overfilling the engine oil, and perhaps using the wrong oil. He was a bit unclear as to what he was using, mentioning 5W-30, which would be too light, IMO. I suggested perhaps 10W-30; if it was mine it'd get 15W-40.

    He showed me some pics on his phone, he actually rebuilt the gears in the transmission. They were very badly worn, so he built up the teeth with suitable rod, then machined them back to the correct profile. They certainly looked good in the pics, and might hold up for a long time in his use, which I suspect is pretty light. I can't imagine that the teeth are hard enough, but it isn't my machine.