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  • Plastic gear availability

    I have a wiper motor that has a bad plastic gear. Other than a bone yard, are these available?

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    You're going to have to present more details to get an answer. But the motors are usually made in volumes high enough to not need to meet any standards. My personal guess would be no but you might get lucky


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      Size matters. There are plastic gears available on Ebay and may be available elsewhere. Search with the full dimension of the gear with number of teeth, diameter, width, and bore on Google.


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        Is it the double gear or the final gear? A double is for sure going to be a molded special, and not available even to the car manufacturer. Junkyard for a "new" motor.

        The final drive might be available somewhere "normal", maybe not in plastic. It is unlikely that they used some very odd tooth count or unavailable DP/module. Even specials tend to be combinations of common sizes etc, and a wiper motor probably does not need a special size, but does need a special price, since it is automotive.

        You have a shop, right? Maybe it is available in your shop if other sources fail.
        CNC machines only go through the motions


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          It's a worm gear FWIW.


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            Plastic gears, even worm gears, are readily available.
            Pick a source, find your gear, pay for it and wait for delivery.

            Stock Drive Products -
            McMaster-Carr -
            WM Berg -
            and many, many others.

            Without a lot more information, there isn't much more we can do to help.
            SE MI, USA


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              In my opinion its a scrapyard search ! These gears are often moulded directly onto the shaft.
              Best Regards:
              Baron J