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Adjustable angle mill vise jaw?

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  • Adjustable angle mill vise jaw?

    I thought that someone made a product like this:

    I don't want the Snap Jaw system, just the adjustable angle part. I've looked around but can't find it.


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    Make one out of aluminum soft jaw:

    soft jaw with angle setup pins

    I sized this for 5/16 dowel pins, which I have lots of in many lengths The angles are all set from the origin hole. Ignore the sharpie line, that was done freehand while the jaw was mounted to give a rough idea of where the holes should be located.

    The originals I saw were from Lang Technovation (.de), and used compressed air to manage the built-in pins. Can't find a picture on thier site so it must have been an old version of the Vario-Tek line.
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      Here is a pair of "angle fixtures" I made years ago for the mill vise that have worked well. If anyone wants the layout I'll post the instructions. These do 1 deg increments.
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        Yeah Lew I'd like those instructions! Still would like to know who made the one I remember seeing..thanks!


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          Those are pretty slick. What is the step angle between setups?
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