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  • Thrud Man of Action!

    Man from what Iv'e been reading about car wrecks,petrified meatloaf,and octigenarian biker chicks with frozen cookie dusters you would make one bang up Hollywood action hero!Thrud YOU ROCK MAN!!!
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    I did play "butt-crack guy" in a art noire film about a barmaid that drinks a magic potion and sees Mr. Right. I was the "Mr. No-way-in-hell,-I-would-become-a-nun-first!" guy learing at her making smootchy face. I had 15 Seconds of 16mm B&W fame (took 18 hours). If you are lucky, you will never see it - the director was a moron - it made no sense. That is what happens when you give money to assholes to culture "Canadian Culture". At least I got free food & beer.


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      Hell don't feel like the lone ranger I to am afflicted with the condition of women not being able to tell one end from the other!Who cares anyway I got my shop to keep me warm and not once has it talked back to me or remineded me how many times I've been wrong in the last 30 or so years!
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        I guess you know:

        Women have so many faults,
        Men have only two;
        Everything they say,
        And everything they do...

        All of the gear, no idea...


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          I don't feel like the lone ranger, maybe the pillsbury dough boy!

          Before I left my last job I hired this woman I knew (her hubby was out of work). After a few months I really felt sorry for the guy - nag, nag, bitch, bitch, bitch, nag, whine, snivel, snarl, snarl. I told him, "Man, I feel so sorry for you." and pointed in the direction of the shop. His only words - "someday I'm buying a harley and hittin' the road - ain't worth it." Amen to that. Been ragged on enough myself that I am cured finally. (Big Ed is a "monopalegic" and lobotomized now - still has the scar in his forehead to prove it )

          Tools - don't talk back.


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            Fie on you for maligning the creator's greatest creation.

            Woman----!!! Oh wondrous creation, how I enjoy your exhilarating presence.

            Dave, it is so easy to sweeten them. All it takes is a bit of unabashed flattery offered with a touch of genuine sincerity. Remember there is beauty in all of them and they are so grateful to have it acknowledged.




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              I think I saw Thrud's long lost half brother on the Red Green show the other night on PBS, baby the all are half brothers.



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                Only speaking for myself, my wife is the best. Just before Christmas, I got the hankering for more tool storage space (tool chests). Mentioned it to my wife, she says do you want Craftsman? I said that would be ok. she then asks what is the best. I say Kennedy. She says to buy the best. so I did. She even cut drawer liners and lined all the drawers for me. I'm trying to convince her that she can run the lathe, but at this point she prefers to supervise me.

                John B

                Almost forgot, she's a gourmet cook and brings me cold beer without complaining! She's the best!

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                John B


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                  Dave as you know I am lucky with the lil lady I picked.
                  Some of em are another story.They forget that their mouths for eating and not for nipping their man's ear all day.I have a sister in law .Man she's a mouthy piece. She goes at it when she starts (usually over nothing,) like a damned gramophone record with the needle stuck in the groove. All day long.Been through two men and this new ones just made for takin it what a sorry sight he is.Stands there like a big peesil and takes it right on the chin time after time makes me realise how good I 've got it. She pulled him up in a restaurant for gettin some doggy doody on his shoes outside, as if it was something he went out of his way to do. Took him down in front of the whole sheebang atn top pitch for all to glare at, for their own amusement I had a job myself to keep a straight face.Jeees Alistair
                  Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                    And I quote "woman do not burp, fart, pass gas in any way shape or form. And if we didn't bitch we'd explode". Roseann Barr

                    Also there is a saying in Italian that I'll paraphrase "a womans weapon is her tongue, they always keep it sharp and never let it rust".

                    Wow Alistair called him everything but a jersey cow in front of God and everyone!!!! Man, that had to of been special, I thought that only happens in America.



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                      Guys I to have found that some women are sweet only problem their all married!Just like parking spaces the good ones are taken the rest are handicapped.I did find however that there exsists a direct correlation between the lil'ladies attitude and the size of the machine tool/oil slick parked on the kitchen table!
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        Well, once again it was the little woman who plunked the tool money down. This time for the 10EE. I'm kinda cheap. She is also the one who not only insisted I build the 24X36' shop, but pitched in on the labor. She shoveled gravel, tied rebar, shoveled concrete, and helped insulate and side. The only thing she didn't do was get upon the roof. Some ain't too bad. Mike


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                          Mike,does she have a sister?
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            Weirdscience: don't give up! It took me to age 42 to finally find the right gal. Well, maybe it took me that long to become mature enough to recognize the right one, and not drive/be driven crazy by living with someone.
                            Of course, she has a machining background; wrote NC programs for the mill back in her college days. She can talk knowledgeably about tool chatter -- cool! She even doesn't complain about the occasional bit of swarf that makes it into the rug (or bed).
                            She DOES have one iron clad rule about my machining: any damage to my fingers, and the whole shop goes out onto the street with a "$5 takes all" sign.

                            I make sure I have a tube of flesh-tone filler always handy.


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                              I have to concur with the "good ones are taken" assertion. I know lots of wonderful women - none of them single. I stand in awe of some of the truly exceptional ones - compassionate, intelligent, loyal, and a sense of humor. Some guys do not know how good they have it.