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How do I cut this stuff?

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    Originally posted by Noitoen View Post
    Like this
    Damn ! The amount of oxygen used to cut that shaft into the pieces shown has to be unbelievable ! (Oxygen Lance video)


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      Originally posted by bborr01 View Post
      Water jet. I don't know if any of the people here have ever tried cutting anything that large with an abrasive wheel but you will most likely end up with a broken cutoff wheel stuck in the piece too. That won't make cutting it any easier either.
      I've cut 4140PH 5" in diameter with abrasive cut off wheels a number of times when I was younger. It was slow but effective, no broken wheels... Used wheels like the below in a 9" grinder. I'd score around the circumference to get a clear groove to follow by eye and then cut the majority of the way through on one side and rotate 90 to finish up.

      These days I'd probably torch it and, if I needed a clean face, hard turn / part in a lathe. Feels faster and quieter than running the angle grinder and I don't have a water jet!