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Got a couple of larger solid carbide boring bars at last

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  • Got a couple of larger solid carbide boring bars at last

    I like solid carbide shank boring bars, and I have bought a 6mm Garant and a 10mm Chinese as well as making my own 7mm, 10mm, 12mm and also 12mm and 1/2" Densimet ones. As the size increases, so does the cost and recently I have been lucky on ebay. I now have a 16mm and a 20mm . THE 16MM cost £34, and the 20mm cost £50. It's a shame the 20 is only 165mm long, as only 80mm depth would be usable when held in the large toolpost directly on the cross slide. The 16mm can easily manage 96mm depth.

    16mm Technik (Turkish) E16R SDQCR 07 for DCMT 07 inserts.

    20mm Kyocera (Japan) E20S SDUCR 11 for DCMT 11 inserts. This is marked 2/3 for the shorter type. They do full length 250mm, 165mm and 90mm sizes.
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    Nice finds! I hate to think what they cost new.
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      I found a 19mm one about 20 or so cm long in a toolbox I bought.... FREE carbide boring bar! Probably $250 new, maybe more.

      When I use that, it gives NO trouble.... no chatter, no issues of any sort But it uses an odd triangular insert size, of course. I do not have very many of that size, maybe two left. The ones I found that were closest to what I need, were like $15 per each, and still not quite right. I did not buy them.
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        That is one sexy picture.
        I don't care who you are.



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          Carbide makes life *soooo* much nicer.... *drool*
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            Not only carbide, but I have picked up some cheap 25mm steel boring bars, right and left handed, just right for the large toolpost which runs directly on the cross slide. They are too big to fit in one of the standard size toolposts. They take up to 20mm. I will be glad to get back to the museum on 26th May after over 6 months lockdown. Dragging with me a box with 6 boring bars, 3 turning tools, 60 tiny drills and 20 large ones and 120 inserts, 2 cbn inserts and a couple of steel chunks for a project.
            I will have to do a bit of thinking about the shimming of the carbide shanks, I don't want to risk cracking them with the screws, and the 16mm bar only has a flat at the top.
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              those inserts work quite well.


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                Regarding shimming perhaps a piece of soft brass or copper would work?
                25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	_IGP2757.JPG Views:	1 Size:	430.3 KB ID:	1942050 I had thought of a custom holder for the 16mm bar to fit in the large toolpost which fits directly to the cross slide. This maximises stiffness. Made in two pieces of mild steel with a sliding key for the toolpost screws to clamp down on. It would take some making, but I like little challenges.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	_IGP2756.JPG Views:	0 Size:	455.4 KB ID:	1942048

                  N S F, have just found your message about the reference charts, I had thought it was lost in the post, actually it only took 6 days to get to you, Ihope you didn't have to pay any duty.

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                    No, I've never had to pay duty. Thank you *very* much for the zeus book etc, its just perfect for my shop and methods. I think the only time you have to declare anything at the US border is if it's over $200 (I used to go cross Canada by car a few times a year, but I refuse to cross borders now that the Federal government is making it such a miserable experience since 9/11)
                    25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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                      I have crossed between NY state and Canada over the Peace Bridge at Buffalo and the Rainbow bridge at Niagara, back on 86. As a foreigner, I had to go through customs on all 4 transits, but then the traffic between the USA and Canada was non stop. The only restriction I saw was warning US citizens not to bring handguns through into Canada. Walking across at Buffalo, the Canadian immigration man said to me that he knew the town I lived in, Godalming in Surrey county as he had been on a 6months exchange and had been based in Guildford, about 5 miles north. Small world, isn't it.