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Short Angle Drill

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  • Short Angle Drill

    The post from pensioner reminded me that some time ago I was in need of an angle drill. Clearance was quite limited. All the usual solutions were too big. This is what I came up with. Not much for speed but plenty of torque. It got the job done with little investment.

    Click image for larger version

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    Were you able to hold position with the air angle drill? I'd think holding it at say....90 degrees in a small space might be a challenge?
    am asking because I don't know and like to learn about stuff that works.
    That air ratchet would come in handy on all kinds of other nut and bolt related jobs I bet.
    S E Michigan


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      that's just brilliant! Now I gotta make something like that for work....
      25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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        The air ratchet did have a long life spinning fasteners. I had a few spot welds in a car to drill out. Holding a 90 degree angle was just required to get the hole started in the right spot.



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          And it's not even as short as it could be. You didn't cut much, if anything, off the shank of the drill. You could easily cut the end off down to just a short stub to fit into the "holding nut". And even then cutting off and resharpening to give you more of a stub drill.

          Yep, I can see this being pretty handy. And don't forget the flat for the set screw so it doesn't let the drill bit spin on the set screw.
          Chilliwack BC, Canada


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            It is a stub drill. Its length was just right. It did get a flat for the set screw.