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[OT] Futuristic advanced technology for US Navy

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  • [OT] Futuristic advanced technology for US Navy

    Some of these concepts seem rather incredible, but enough to interest the US Navy:

    The U.S. Navy controls patents for some futuristic and outlandish technologies, some of which, dubbed "the UFO patents," came to life recently. Of particular note are inventions by the somewhat mysterious Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, whose tech claims to be able to "engineer reality." His slate of highly-ambitious, borderline sci-fi designs meant for use by the U.S. government range from gravitational wave generators and compact fusion reactors to next-gen hybrid aerospace-underwater crafts with revolutionary propulsion systems, and beyond.
    Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
    USA Maryland 21030

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    I'm still waiting for my government to admit they've completed the Star Wars missile shield.


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      Maybe they have?, would they tell us, I doubt it, there an awful lot of money disappearing through the dodgy budget. Trouble is if it does exist there’s a certifiable nutter in charge of it


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        Anytime one activates a device that can generate the voltages needed to power these experiments, one is in danger of being transported to an alternate reality...
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          Probably has something to do with the leaked flight test footage.....uh...sightings, ya, that's it sightings 🙄

          I just need one more tool,just one!