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O.T. Need some Help from Texas

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  • O.T. Need some Help from Texas

    I am looking for someone in the Brownsville area with a connection or contact with the ship breaking business. My son-in-law did his first tour out of the Great Lakes Navel Training Center on the former USS Seatle. This tour included support in the Persian Gulf after 9-11. the last we heard was a photo in the local paper of this ship being towed down the Delaware, bound for Brownsville and a date with a scrappie. As his birthday is approaching, I would like to try to get a piece of her for him as he transfered to the SeaBees before she was de-commissioned.

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    Wow! I thought I lived in South Texas but Brownsville is as far South as you can get. It's about 200 miles from me. With the price of gas what it is, it would be major trip for a souvenir. I'd try to find out who will do the scraping. Or if they scrap it. They may scuttle it for an off-shore reef. If you can get a hold of them, they may save you a piece.