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painting freshly bead blasted aluminum casting?

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    VPT, no build thread yet. But I'm getting close. Of course, my build was inspired by yours!

    What I ended up using was a spray can from Home Depot, Rustoleum Self Etching Primer. The can says it works on aluminum. It went on really nice. No sign of any issues. I did wipe my parts with acetone before spraying. - metalmagpie


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      Originally posted by JoeLee View Post
      Fish eyes can be caused by several things, mostly oil films from improperly prepped surfaces. Moisture in the air line is another cause.
      Aluminum castings of poor quality with pin holes can cause what looks like fish eyes.

      I remember when I was in my teens I was in a paint shop. There was a window repair company replacing a wind shield three bays down. The guy had a spray can of silicone and was spraying it around the edge of the window frame where the rubber gasket fits. Later that day the owner painted a car and it fish eyed
      all over. It was from the silicone.

      You are right Joe
      We outlawed ANY Silicone in our plant after it caused tremendous paint problems on our product, which required 100 percent coverage and baking.
      We had fisheyes galore on Tuesdays , and it turns out the "Plant Oiler" used silicone spray every Monday on Rubber bushings .
      The problem is silicone does not evaporate , it settles on anything including our steel to be coated..Ugh.
      Green Bay, WI