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OT: I give up, anyone want to give me 'voltage dividers for dummies'?

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    Paul Alciatore PStechPaul
    So, I'm just going to use either that rocker pot or the pots that came with the RC control. The client like the idea of just hacking a hand controller and having it in the costume for it's interface and controls, RC being incidental. Though who knows, they might like to have someone offstage controlling the mouth like they already want someone doing the eyeblink.

    Question: If the pot in the RC unit is 5k, what would happen if I swapped in a 10k? I was rash and ordered a 10k of that expensive rocker. I think I remembered the Futaba units using 10k and didn't think it through. I already pooched one of these units somehow, I barely touched it and now no matter what the input voltage it beeps and flashes "LOW POWER!!" and 14V. At least it was cheap.

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