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Congratulations to George's Daughter!

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  • Congratulations to George's Daughter!

    Congratulations to George's daughter on her graduation!


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    Congratulations, Kiddo... Well done..


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      Graduation is good... In what program though?
      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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        Congrats to your daughter George!!.
        S E Michigan


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          As the others have said congratulations to your daughter, well done!


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            Education is of great value. And it is something that no one can ever take from you.

            Paul A.
            SE Texas

            And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              Thanks guys. She graduated from high school - my wife and I got a late start on the kid thing. We had a party for her on Saturday and the ceremony was on Sunday. Both days were close to 90° but there was a good breeze, so not completely unbearable. That party was a ton of work though and I still have lots of work to do cleaning things up. On the plus side, I have enough fried chicken, beans, and pulled pork to keep me going for another week or two.
              Traverse City, MI


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                It's great timing that you got to have a bash like that for her, sounds memorable, kudos to your kid. last year had to skip a B-day party for an older brother but over the weekend got to celebrate it and hang out with family first time in a long long time, the stories that got told about our childhoods and parents and stuff were priceless...


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                  Congradulations to your daughter George!

                  My grandson graduates high school next week too. He is in a STEM program and taking summer courses too. So he is going to NJIT with a nice scholarship. The real kicker is that he starts as a JUNIOR! So he’ll graduate as an engineer at 19. He has been working as my engineering assistant at my job. We are currently rebuilding a brand new chinese drilling machine to correct all the mistakes and to add a safety enclosure and controls to meet Osha requirements. 3 PLCs, 33 sensors, 9 VFDs, 3 Servos, 16 spindle motors, 30 air cylinders! Great experience for him and another NJIT student working with me.