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Pea Shooter Chronicles (first gen honda insight mods) cont.

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  • Pea Shooter Chronicles (first gen honda insight mods) cont.

    Well - thought I could get parts for these engines as two different on line sites had them listed --- was going to have to do a little improvising but was satisfied enough that I could do good work and do a good rebuild so tore into the little bugger - for those that don't know it's a 3 cyl on liter,,,
    anyways --- rod bearings were almost brand new looking @ 150,000 miles (luckily) and the rings were just out of reassembly range,,, but went to order what i needed and they told me sorry even though it says "parts available" their not ------------- so re-order on the other site - then get the same reply... I looked everywhere including forums specifically for the pea shooter, not only no go - but been that way for quite some time, so, i had to put the engine back together with it's old parts... but I did make some huge gains - the rings were all stuck - esp. the oil rings and the oil ring feed holes completely plugged - so improved piston lubrication and longevity and do have the piece of mind that the lower end is not going to shell out anytime soon and in fact these rod bearings could go a half million miles easy...

    I did "flip them" meaning but the bottom caps shell into the rod end and the rods end in the caps... rods end see's all the compression loading and power stroke so even though almost no detectable wear though it good measure...

    anyhoo ----- couple pics of the internals - this engine is a little jewel inside, the parts are so small - but very refined, take a look at the dowel pinned connecting rod caps... very nice - no squirm going on there and perfect alignment...

    Click image for larger version

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    Now take a close look into the piston pin - this is kinda hard to see - but these are race pins of yesteryear,,, these pins are drastically tapered to cut down on reciprocating weight (and save fuel) very cool to see this kinda attention to detail in this little engine and even though I did not get to bring it around just where I wanted too I now have located some potential rings from motorcycle engines that measure up at least the top two rings so who knows might go back into it someday if it ever starts consuming oil but for right now all's good...

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks Good!
    Ya gotta love Honda engineering and attention to detail..
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      Willy I knew you'd appreciate good engineering,

      it sickens me that these little cars are going the way of the doe-doe bird because nobody ever got into aftermarket parts with them,,, but guess I should be glad I can at least buy a head gasket... so is what it is. I actually think because of what they are and how soon they will become rare they are going to be worth allot of money some day,,, although probably when im about to kick so think i'll sell my spare one...


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        Honda car engines likely get their design from their motorcycle heritage rather than from car engine design.