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What Percentage of People Buy Machines and Never Use Them

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    I built my CNC mill about 6 years ago and I have just about 2000 hrs of run time on it. Built in shop vac, full enclosure and a rug on the floor so I am constantly cleaning. I don’t really have tools I don’t use. I had a bunch of machinist tools that were specialized and I had been storing them for 20 years so I passed them along on Ebay.


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      Originally posted by Mark Rand View Post

      It's a fine feed handle. There's a 30T worm wheel on the feedscrew and matching worm on the fine feed handle, so 3 1/3 thou per turn. The worm hinges into or out of engagement and is held in mesh with a thumb screw.
      thats clever, mine must be the low budget model...doesn't have that feature. I've been playing power feed on the Z and X......we'll see.
      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?