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Interesting link regarding impact tools

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  • Interesting link regarding impact tools

    If you are like me a lot of what you do in the shop is based on "feel". I feel this is better or worse versus "know". I ain't no mathematical genius that is for sure. Complex math overwhelms me. I read recently that feel is often times incorrectly misread as intelligence. It seems they are on to something. After watching a video on impact wrench testing on YouTube it confirmed what I have "felt" was going on in regards to actual power or work accomplished. They might be totally wrong in their science but it "felt" right to me. I will leave you with the link and you be your own judge. The video on the difference in how the weight of a socket and where the weight is located and its impact on actual torque was interesting to me.
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    Interesting. I would think of it or relate the socket mass as swinging a bigger hammer.
    Honestly I never gave it any thought. All I ever worried about when using air impacts was splitting a socket or hammering out the square hole if it wasn't an impact socket.
    If the nut or bolt wouldn't break loose, turn up the air pressure or put some heat to it.



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      Wow ... who knew that you could make 50+ videos on cordless impact wrenches?


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        I didnt watch the video. But wanted to comment that I always got the best performance out of any impact while using the smaller lightest socket I could get away with. My go to on the 3/4" is always the deep wells but if I have a stuborn bolt or nut I switch to the short sockets and many times that does the trick.

        Also why quick "torque sticks" are of different length and thickness.