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    I came across this today. Lots of interesting pdfs of scanned books from c.1850-early 1900s that are out of copyright - posting in case of interest to any here.

    Complete copy of 1908 Machineries handbook, and lots of interesting titles in Machine tools and engineering-general topics too.

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    Thanks. Lots of stuff to look through.
    Illigitimi non Carborundum 😎
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      Thanks for the GREAT link. Found oodles of books on many varying subjects.


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        Originally posted by Canus View Post
        Thanks for the GREAT link.
        Thanks. In case anyone else is wondering whether to visit: here is the table of contents for the Machine Tools section:
        Applebys Illustrated Handbook of Machinery (1877) PDF 15 mb
        Cutting Tools Worked By Hand and Machine (1882) PDF 6 mb
        Description of Improved Machine Tools for Working Metal (1899) PDF 31 mb
        Descriptions of the Gauging and Measuring Instruments 1874 PDF 10 mb
        Details of Machine Tool Design (1910) PDF 6 mb
        Drop Forging-Die Sinking and Machine Forming of Steel PDF 18 mb
        Electric Motor Drive for Machine Tools (1913) PDF 7 mb
        Handbook of Taps-Dies-Cutters-Drills and Reamers (1908) PDF 11 mb
        Jig and Fixture Design 1920 PDF 17 mb
        Jig and Fixture Kinks (1908) PDF 1 mb
        Jigs and Fixtures-A Reference Book 1913 PDF 4 mb
        Machine Building for Profit and the Hartness Flat Turret Lathe (1909) PDF 8 mb
        Machine Shop Primer 1910 PDF 4 mb
        Machine Shop Tools and Shop Practice 1911 PDF 36 mb
        Machine Stops-Trips and Locking Devices (1913) PDF 6 mb
        Machine Tool Drives (1910) PDF 6 mb
        Machine Tools and the ir Operation Part 1 (1922) PDF 18 mb
        Machine Tools and the ir Operation Part 2 (1922) PDF 24 mb
        Machine Tools and Workshop Practice 1905 PDF 32 mb
        Machinery Reference Series (1912) PDF 22 mb
        Machines and Tools Employed in the Working of Sheet Metals (1903) PDF 29 mb
        Machine-Shop Tools and Methods (1919) PDF 31 mb
        Modern American Lathe Practice1907 PDF 24 mb
        Modern Machine Shop Tools-A Book of Practical Instruction (1903) PDF 26 mb
        Modern Toolmaking Methods 1915 PDF 10 mb
        Principles of Interchangeable Manufacturing 1921 PDF 15 mb
        Safeguards for Machine Tools and Power Presses (1914) PDF 9 mb
        Shop Practice for Home Mechanics 1920 PDF 16 mb
        Shop Talk About Machine Tools and the ir Uses (1901) PDF 27 mb
        The Advanced Machinist With Illustrations (1903) PDF 20 mb
        The Complete Practical Machinist 1895 PDF 27 mb
        The Construction and Manipulation of Tools 1879 PDF 25 mb
        The Construction and Use of Tools and Machines 1918 PDF 29 mb
        The Construction-Application-Use of Drills-Lathe Tools-Cutters 1867 PDF 7 mb
        The Mechanics Tool Book 1868 PDF 22 mb
        The Practical Tool-Maker and Designer 1898 PDF 19 mb
        The Progressive Machinist-A Practical and Educational Treatise 1903 PDF 17 mb
        The Testing of Machine Tools (1915) PDF 4 mb
        Tm 9-242 Fundamentals of Ordnance Corps Machine Tools (1959) PDF 27 mb
        Tool Engineering-Jigs and Fixtures (1922) PDF 16 mb
        Tool Making-A Practical Treatise on the Art of Making Tools 1919 PDF 13 mb
        Tools and Machines (1903) PDF 16 mb
        Tools and Patterns (1920)
        There are at least 3-4 other sections likely to be of interest to some on this forum - especially those of us with tooling that wouldn't have seemed out of place in the 1920s!


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          Awesome reference! Thanks!
          25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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            Thanks for posting a excellent resource. If I may add my two cents:


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              LOVE this thanks ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !