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Speaking of machine repairs that mght be thought doubtful

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    Originally posted by JoeLee View Post
    Did is smoke ?? I've TIG'ged bronze and brass props, works fine just a lot of white smoke and soot.

    Bro you must have metal fume fever to the nines. Gotta use silicon bronze rod, brass rod just dissociates and the zinc boils off...
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      I've seen plenty of "maintenance guy" braze jobs. Basically bird poop brazing, little wetting, no fillet, rough surface sticking up all over the filler, nasty looking. The odd thing is that most of them were still holding the leg onto the table, or whatever they were supposed to do.
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        Originally posted by Doozer View Post
        I TiG brazed some copper starter solenoid contacts the other day on a Nippon Denso starter.
        It worked out great. Layed down perfect with just a little crown. Milled it flat, and now it is
        better than original, as the factory contact was just copper.

        Sorry, I re-read what I wrote and I forgot to include to mention that it was silver braze/silver solder.
        Yes the copper contact was worn away quite severely, and I used the TiG as a heat source, and
        laid the silver down on the worn copper pad. I did not repair copper with copper. I used silver.
        Man I am getting senile.