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Power Hacksaw is active again.

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  • Power Hacksaw is active again.

    It has taken me since last Saturday to bring my Perfect Power hacksaw back to life. Work dome includes re reaming the main pivot and making a new shaft to suit( There was about 5 thous wear in the housing, virtually none on the shaft). replacing the crankshaft, the shaft was down about 10 thous in places but the housing was hardly down a thous), repairing the vice where the tightening screw enters the casting and adding a proper hinge to the motor mount.
    I await a new 10 inch vee belt pulley, the existing one is damaged, some new blades and a GFCI before cnsidering the job done and setting her to regular work .
    I hope this is encouraging to others. I am now so disabled by arthritis that I spent lots of time crawling on the floor working on the machine, rather than getting up and down, which has become so hard. but I will be damned if I will give in.
    Regards David Powell.

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    Maybe get a pump up lift cart.
    Got to work comfortable.



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      That is a very good suggestion. Unfortunately my basement shop is small and awkwardly shaped and nothing i have found or seen so far has seemed likely to fit, motor bike lifts have come close.
      I have a big electrically driven hydraulic table in the driveway for the model steamers, lawn mowers, compressors etc and find it one of my most used and useful tools I can sit or stand and move whatever I am working on to convenient height.
      From your postings I reckon we could well have got on well together had we ever worked together.
      Regards David Powell.


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        Good to hear. I'm a PH fan. I had a Robertson that I did a lot of work to, but now have a Kasto.


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          I have similar problems with arthritis in the back and shoulders. I was able to eliminate a lot of crawling around by using a HF 500 lb. hydraulic table. It's about 1/3 smaller than the 1,000 lb. one I have in the garage and easily fits in tight places.

          500 lb. Capacity Hydraulic Table Cart (

          I also use an adjustable swivel shop stool from Northern Tool to make moving around the table easier.

          Ironton Adjustable Swivel Shop Stool with Casters and Tool Tray — Steel, 300-Lb. Capacity, 15 3/4 to 19 1/2in. Seat Height | Northern Tool

          When things are heavier than I can handle I lift them with a beam mounted hoist like this.

          Strongway Electric Cable Hoist — 750-Lb. Single-Line Capacity, 1500-Lb. Double-Line Capacity, 38ft./19ft. Lift | Northern Tool