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My wooden tool chest progress pictures

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  • My wooden tool chest progress pictures

    Well as said a few weeks ago I started to turn a redundant 1949 dental surgery cabinet into my dream toolchest .I had already started to make the top chest seen in the pics but the bottom cabinet had two glass doors in one quadrant and two wooden doors in another, and two bare shelves in a third with about six drawers.I have completely redesigned the cabinet with now 28 drawers in all what a job. The top cabinet will also have about a dozen drawers with six wheels under this should look nice in my metal shop at present it's in my wood shop hope you like it regards Alistair

    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Wow! Now THAT"S a tool chest. I see many ,many measuring tool purchases in your future.


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      Hell of a job! I have to build one for my shop. How deep are the drawers? Gonna make mine about 2" high per drawer. Nice work.


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        That's too cool for school. I can only drool in envy.

        What's the tall narrow opening in the bottom section going to be? Height gage drawer?

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          Hi the tall narrow drawer used to hold dental impression trays and has hooks inside thought I would keep it to habng wrenches bunches of allen keys etc thanks for kind replies Alistair
          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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            Alistair, have you had trouble getting a good heat treatment on your wood before using it in a project? When I try and stress relieve it the wood always comes out of the oven very black and crumbly. I also don't have much luck welding bits of wood back on when I cut too much off .

            That's a really nice cabinet!



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              No heat treatment for wood! All it needs is a bit of stain.

              That's fine looking Alistair.

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                That's absolutely disgusting! No piles of sawdust on the floor, no wrenches laying around, no air hoses hidden under the sawdust...what's a fellow to trip over? How can you work in a mess like that?

                But it's a damn fine looking tool chest!


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                  Will it be "green"

                  Oh....... and you can get special rods with a thread on for welding wood back together,but you need a big hammer to use them.



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                    nice work

                    Alistair Hosie:

                    Man you work fast, wasn't it just a few days ago you posted the idea? Looks like a succesful project. Are you going to weld a "frame/platform" for the casters? I usually do that, seems to last longer that "just" fastening the caster to the wood bottom.

                    But it looks to me that your woodshop tools are blue; Only the metal shop is green? Color coded aide-de-memoire?

                    I usually only case harden my lumber. I have attempted heat treating, but I have only been satisfied with the results from October to April.
                    Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                      Looking VERY good, Laddie. BTW: does Sir John know where you live??


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                        Ugh Green ????????????

                        Well heck of a nice toolbox. Im awed. Yet to paint stain it green well who am i to criticize all my boxes are kennedy ****e brown and or red. Also my machines are all gray except my shaper thats dirty green that i like a lot. Sharp box. I gotta laugh in my shop where i work the tool and die guys are always trying to build roller carts for there boxes. Some hillarious gigantic versions abound. I saw the boss look at one and shake his head mutter something and walk away. This thing was so huge it was almost impossible to move around. Whenever he came by we would make loun beeping noises reminescent of a giant garbage truck backing up in reverse. Had lots of good laughs. Oh well. Lifes short laughs are good and so is this forum. Take care Mike


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                          very nice..
                          15X50 colchester.. 9 inch southbend. milrite, wire feed


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                            That's a Great looking tool chest, Alistair. My bigest question is, Is it for tools you already have?, tools your going to have?, or a little of both?
                            I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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                              Wow, you whacked that up quick. Would you like a position in my shop? I need somebody with your skills. I know there is concrete down there, just can't figure out how to get to it.....sigh
                              Jim, By the river enjoying life...