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    Am I doing something wrong or do others have the same problem? I've loged in three times already today, I check the remember me box each time, but about half the time if I look at the board again I'm not logged in.

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    Hummmmm... I have been logged in since the changeover. Do you have your cookie setting set to clean after closing your browser?
    Jim, By the river enjoying life...


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      Have you installed any new Spyware, Adware, Trojan catcher since last here?

      I did that a couple weeks ago, did the reccommended cleaning, couldn't log in ANYWHERE. Log in here, f'rinstance, click on a thread, no longer logged in.

      Did an "Undo", several, in fact, and removed that program. Forget the name, should have written it down so as to not load that one again.

      Oh, yes, checked my "Cookie" folder, they were all still there. I think when I clicked on a thread, it intercepted the query from the site as to my status and blocked it, no response from the cookie, you don't belong here.

      Hope that is all your problem. If it is, do a "Restore", or "Undo" and get another program.

      'Course you logged in long enough to post your query, so mebbe it is not.




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        Re Logging in

        Thanks for the replies fellows. I've had the problem ever since the new web format was out up, never had it before. I did have to do a system restore, but have the same antivirus - antispyware - firewall as before, and the problem was the same before the restore as after. Its probably just a few mouse clicks somewhere, but I haven't found where to click yet.