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    On another forum somebody was confused when he measured an 8 mm male thread and only got 7.85mm, so even if there are a couple of missing sizes, getting the thread checking sets would be a good idea.


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      1"12 vs 1"=14 I believe that 1"-12 is used for Hex Head Bolts and 1"-14 is used for Socket Head Cap Screws. Both are standard.


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        Originally posted by wierdscience View Post

        The world is a bit slim on decent thread gauges. These are the best I have seen, just too bad they picked the odd selection of sizes. That would be a good idea though, selling individual sizes and letting people build their own set to suit their needs.
        Well you must be an A-Hole from all the respaces.

        Not that they were negative but just the same not additive.

        I have those gauges, both metric and imp. I like them, to a point. Meaning you have a dead end with that set unless I am ususing it wrong which is the norm.

        The wire inhibits you from running a bolt all the way through. I have some plates that are through and through but they have there own set of issues.. I like the set on the cable like what you showed. JR