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    Whats really crazy is the price of stuf that no one really needs, such as ATVS and golf carts. Three year old Polaris 4 wheelers are selling for what they cost new.And then there is the $70,00 pickup truck that my neighbor bought so that he could take his push mower in to get the oil changed and a new spark plug. Edwin Dirnbeck


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      One of my computer-support clients is a steelyard. I was chatting with the business manager last month; he said they were getting price changes from their upstream suppliers almost daily. Some common stock sizes had doubled in price in the previous month, and they were told to expect shortages of all aluminum products soon.

      Normally they take an order, and anything they don't have on the racks - they get deliveries every week - they go ahead and quote at whatever the last price was. Now they have to call and get today's price before finalizing an order, and make sure they actually get billed at that price, instead of the price when their supplier sends the invoice.

      They said the last time they saw anything like that, was early 2008. A lot of their competition; mostly much-larger companies with more overhead, went out of business by 2009.


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        Good, we need a crash